The UK Government estimates the cost of domestic violence to England and Wales alone is £66 billion per year. However, this is a global problem. 

Support is difficult to access and, when it is available, is often expensive and /or does more harm than good. That’s because many counselling professionals lack understanding of narcissism and so advise on strategies that are dangerous (when dealing with this type of personality disorder). A Narcissist, for example, cannot be reasoned with or cured. You cannot find a compromise solution.

Our aim is to deliver the following impact:

Better informed authorities and charities so they can improve their support to victims

Cost-effective help for victims via an interactive app

Education for society on how to identify, manage and avoid abusers

Reduce death, injury and mental health crisis for victims

Sustainable, social impact business, so that victims have continued access to the support they need

All app users will be asked a number of questions. These will be framed to help tailor content to support their recovery, but will also provide critical (anonymized) data for our partners who will include NHS Trusts, Universities and research organisations, policy makers and charities.  

We are looking for partners who would be interested in delivering our mission or sponsoring the research. 

Our PR programme is already increasing the understanding of narcissism. Our Facebook Group is supporting nearly 9,000 victims. Some of these victims have described the Group as ‘life saving’, but we know that more is needed. We need to develop a scalable solution for all victims.

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