About Us

About Us

Our founder is Emma Davey:

  • Emma is the survivor of a narcissistic relationship. To escape, she travelled to Australia as she knew it was the only way to stop herself going back to her abuser. 
  • Emma studied counselling and graduated as a counsellor and Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach in Perth. Back home, she became a member of the BACP in the UK.
  • Emma opened a counselling practice, My Trauma Therapy, and has been treating clients to overcome the trauma of narcissistic abuse. She helps victims break the addiction they have for their abuser.
  • Now regarded as one of the leading experts on the subject, Emma has been quoted widely in the media.

Emma founded MyNARA as she knew she would have benefitted from the App herself.

Emma is the end product of the App.

Our growing team also includes:

John Davey – Business Consultant – Decades of experience implementing major complex tech projects for both the public and private sectors

Anne Cantelo – Marketing Lead – Over 30 years experience of business and marketing in the UK. Anne’s company, Onyx Media and Communications Ltd, has been leading the successful PR campaign

Margaret Pacheco – US lead –  Based in California and Texas, Margaret is a leading digital marketer in the US, with a wealth of experience in App marketing globally

Zoltan Vass and Javier Garcia – App development leads – Both are recognised as some of the most influential people in tech by BIMA

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