MyNARA is a social impact business that addresses an addiction more powerful than heroin and more common than depression.

MyNARA will give victims access to tailored support, expert guidance and a toolset for recovery. The only support currently available is counselling, which is too expensive for many victims. MyNARA will also provide (anonymized) data to help organisations understand how to improve their support to victims.

MyNARA will have similar functionality to other apps available for health and addiction. These have been highly successful (both commercially and socially). MyNARA will include tailored, AI-driven support, to help the user break free from their abuser. It will educate the user on the pattern of abusive behaviour, and their addiction to it, so that they are better able to recognise and manage it.

This is a global issue, costing economies billions of dollars and pounds every year. MyNARA will initially target English speaking countries. The team is already supporting nearly 20,000 people in 10 countries. We expect to have over 60 thousand users by the end of the year.

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Narcissistic abuse affects more people than depression, but public awareness is low

“Trauma bond” means victims are addicted to their abuser

Victims return to their abuser, many times, or go to another abusive relationship

The abuser separates them from their friends and family and there is little understanding by organisations that should be helping them (or the legal system)

US regulations means victims report that there are no specialist counsellors in most geographic areas. Help, where it is available, is expensive

Media interest in the subject is high; low budget PR is consistently delivering audience figures in the hundreds of millions. Our founder, Emma Davey, is quoted regularly in national press, on the radio and online.

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