MyNARA is the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery App

Our Mission:

  • Support those impacted by Narcissistic Abuse to leave their abuser and avoid future abusive relationships.
  • Provide critical insight into victims and the nature of abuse to governments, charities, and support organisations in order to improve the services provided.

The App is coming soon.

The MyNARA App is being made available to help victims of narcissistic abuse.

We’re looking for funding to help us develop and market the App globally; initially targeting English speaking countries.

Support for victims of narcissistic abuse is difficult to access and, when it is available, is often expensive and /or does more harm than good.

We’re looking for partners who can help us deliver our mission.

MyNARA will be made available to help victims of abuse. Narcissism is a pattern of selfish, self-centred and egotistical and destructive behavior. It cannot be cured.

We can help you break free.

“Honestly, I believe you save lives.”

Quote from narcissistic abuse survivor and user of support group set up by our Founder

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